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Audience Generation

Maximizing Attendance to Ensure Event Success

Recruiting physicians and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) to attend Continuing Medical Education (CME) and promotional medical meetings has become more challenging in the presence of competing demands for HCPs’ time.

The Schwartz Group has established best-practices built on 1000s of successful recruitment campaigns delivered in partnership with prominent medical communication companies, CME organizations and many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.


Our experienced campaign managers will develop a customized wave of communications that outlines the schedule, frequency and variety of communication vehicles (including but not limited to, mailings, tele-recruitment calls, faxes, and emails) based on similar successful recruitment efforts. We focus on securing registrations and maximizing show rates, and our track record of success – evidenced by the number and quality of attendees we recruit – makes our partners’ events more successful and helps them secure additional business opportunities from their program sponsors.




As a leader in clinical trial design, you know how challenging it can be to effectively recruit patients for clinical trials and stay on track with your projected timelines. The odds are often stacked against success and the statistics clinical trial failure can be sobering:

One solution may be to enhance the line of communication between research and clinical physicians through highly-targeted, engaging and iterated tele-detailing.

The Schwartz Group’s methods are targeted and data-driven, featuring:

Start on the path to clinical trial recruitment success early in your planning process or even shore up your recruitment efforts mid-trial by partnering with the Schwartz Group today.

Case Study