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Market Intelligence Gathering Services

Surveys and Target Profiling

The Schwartz Group has executed over 1,000 successful market intelligence gathering campaigns for industry-leading pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical device, market research, and life science companies.

Every market intelligence campaign is crafted in collaboration with our client and designed to secure specific informational fields and data points, typically involving one or more of the following components:


The Schwartz Group collects, profiles and verifies basic contact information such as key personnel, locations, addresses, phone, fax, and email as part of its flagship Schwartz Medical Account Profile (S-MAP) service. We then customize additional fields based on the needs of our client, their product and the market in which they operate. Custom fields can include valuable information such as best times to follow-up, competitive product usage, potential utilization volume, samples policies, purchase plans, budget, existing contracts, decision-making variables and much more. The updated verified fields of information can provide both a micro and macro level of insight into product usage, service utilization, and other valuable account-specific metrics.