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Market-Share Growth Services

The Schwartz Group offers an array of tele-services designed to cost-effectively maximize account coverage, improve sales efficiency, increase the quantity and quality of face-time for your sales representative, and ultimately grow your market share. Every lead generation campaign is tailored to the goals and growth objectives of your organization.


Our experienced Marketing Associates can markedly increase the results achieved by your salesforce through the vehicle of customized lead generation campaigns. We have a proven track record of securing high-quality leads for organizations that target healthcare settings through programs that include: trade show follow-up and triage, sample request generation and fulfillment, rep appointment scheduling, in-service and demo scheduling, and journal ad/mailing call-in response.


To offset the burgeoning costs of field representation, The Schwartz Group can assign a specialized Marketing Associate to assume primary sales responsibility for a designated group of accounts. The accounts assigned are not limited by geography and typically include rural and lower performing (‘low decile’) accounts. By integrating our Marketing Associates into your salesforce you can free up your field representatives to focus on higher potential accounts, enabling them to more efficiently manage their territories while lowering the overall cost of your sales program.


The Schwartz Group can deploy dedicated Schwartz Inside Partners (SIPs) to work in concert with your field representatives in pursuit of goals customized to best meet your organization’s needs and sales goals. A typical SIP program assigns one inside partner per region in which tasks are delegated through regional or national sales management teams. The SIP program has been an integral offering of The Schwartz Group that has resulted in demonstrable improvements to salesforce efficiency, increased productivity and improved sales and goal attainment.


Through our Point-of-Care (POC) marketing programs, we can efficiently secure the placement and distribution of promotional collateral within targeted facilities including informational posters, product samples, coupons, and other direct-to-consumer marketing materials placed in physician offices, hospital waiting rooms and pharmacies.

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