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Clinical Trial Recruitment

The Schwartz Group locates and engages with treating physicians of certain disease types to generate their interest in the clinical trial. Through the process, we leverage the physician-patient relationship as the physician plays a vital role in the pre-screening process for the trial. We generate interest by effectively communicating with the physician the value of the clinical trial for their patients.

Individual Account Profiling

Schwartz Medical Account Profile (S-MAP) – The Schwartz Group collects, profiles and verifies basic contact information such as key personnel, locations, phone, fax, and email as part of the S-Map service. From there we customize additional fields based on the needs of our client, their product and the market in which they operate.

Custom fields can include valuable information such as the best time to follow-up, competitor product usage, potential utilization volume, and purchase plans. The updated verified fields of information can provide both a micro and macro level of insight into product usage, service utilization and other valuable account-specific metrics.

Customized Campaigns

We work closely with our clients to create a highly targeted, customized campaign that fits their needs. This ensures that we are reaching out to the proper targets and allows us to make every campaign a success.