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Orphan Drug Marketing

Locating physicians that treat patients who would benefit from your orphan drug can be a costly, “needle-in-a-haystack” type of endeavor. The Schwartz Group can limit the costs and streamline the process of reaching and detailing targeted physicians in an effort to change prescribing habits. We have successfully partnered with leading orphan drug companies to engage physicians and uncover new opportunities for our clients’ therapies.


We work on a daily basis with our clients to ensure the success of every campaign. Working closely with your field sales force and regulatory department, we implement proven approaches to locating prospective opportunities and make refinements in consultation with our clients whenever needed. Our orphan drug marketing campaigns are therefore highly-collaborative and individually-optimized to locate and identify potential consumers, producing measurable returns on investment for our partners.

We believe the success of every campaign depends on collaborative and responsive partnership. Our internal efficiency allows us to make instant changes to the strategic focus of any campaign based on the direction we receive from our client.

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